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In our quest for better performance have we overlooked the obvious? Do we specialize our training to develop a better player who can function within their position or role on the field?

Of course we do if we want to win. Players need a variety of skills to get the ball from here to there. They need to understand the games spatial orientation, to be able to react to signals in the action. They need to play with spontaneity and anticipation that they learn from playing the game.

However, in order to further improve performance we need to produce the best possible athlete who also plays. Performance speed and agility training will improve balance, coordination, explosive movement and a sense of rhythm.

How do we get all these components of performance packed into our limited practice time?


One solution is to include a Speed & Agility program into our player’s weekly training routine.  This is not to say that performance training is not possible in normal training routines, just that further specialization in performance can cover all the components needed to ensure long term athletic success.

Performance training will improve your base of athleticism, which in turn allows sport specific training to be more effective. 

When combined with Sport Specific Training:



Tactical knowledge

Competitive spirit

. . . We get the whole package!

Speed & Agility is offered at WPI for the athlete that wants to get to the next level.

Contact us for more information on Speed and Agility at WPI

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