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Soccer Dynamics transforms the process of learning soccer skills into playing with instincts, using skills we can all learn by doing!

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FineSoccer Kids Newsletter -  Spinning Off the Ball as a Target Player

When a target player receives the ball upfront, with a defender on his back, if the target player feels he can turn, he should.  However, in many cases, the target player doesn't feel he can turn so he would lay the ball to another player (either a recessed forward or a midfielder or back).         

When the ball gets played back, the target player should then look to spin to get behind this defender and receive a return pass.  The key to this type of spin is to spin in the opposite direction that you play the ball.  By doing this, it makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) for the defender to watch both you and the ball.

The key to remember is if you play the ball back to your right side, spin to the left and if you play the ball back to your left, spin to the right.

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