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Mighty Dynamo at Bunten Rd. Park '09

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Lil Sport Soccer Dynamo 
Capture the Spirit of Play

Junior Dynamo:  ages 5-6
Mighty Dynamo:  ages 4-5
Mini Dynamo:  ages 3-4

Lil Sport Soccer Dynamo is a child development program for kids ages 3 to 6 years old. It uses a variety of fun games to delight and engage kids in physical activity. Classes are professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and create self-confidence.

Lil Sport Soccer Dynamo is designed not only to improve soccer skills, but to create FUN interactive play.  Our goal, using age appropriate activities, is to introduce new motor skills, foster self-confidence, develop a life-long love for physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle.  

We strive to teach beginners how to enjoy the game and to teach advanced players how to prepare for the next level of competitive play. 

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The Day That Changed My Life by Bennett Moe

Our Mission

Core Values

Offer opportunities for players to learn to play without the pressure to win

Continually improve the way we teach, the curriculum and the way we do business

Deliver service with integrity and grace

Our Objectives
The objectives of our programs are to offer quality instruction to kids to develop motor skills, coordination and physical fitness.  The classes are designed to be active, engaging and most of all fun.

The objectives of the program administration are to ensure the program quality remains high and the customers are well served.  This will be achieved through meticulous training, proven curriculum and well-defined processes and policies.

Program Philosophy

The Lil Sport Soccer Dynamo program is designed to use a series of fun games that encourage kids to develop motor skills and physical fitness.  Kids will participate with more confidence and gusto if the objectives are pure fun.   

Most of the Soccer Dynamo activities will use a soccer ball as one of its main props but the objective of the program is to develop individual motor skills like running, stopping, jumping and turning, etc., that can be applied to all sports.  

The objectives for each Mini Dynamo game will be non-competitive, with fun, imaginary scenarios, like kick the ball at the space alien or jump to the lily pads like a frog.   Competitive, one-ball games will be played sparingly in most of the Mighty Dynamo programs and emphasis will be placed on playing for fun and not on winning the scrimmage.  These programs are designed to foster an attitude of accomplishment and positive self-esteem in the kids through a series of doable yet challenging tasks.  

Junior Dynamo & Soccer Dynamics will utilize small-sided scrimmages as part of each class. Emphasis is on skill development and understanding the dynamics of the game. Small sided games help to simplify a very complex game. Soccer Dynamics will introduce age appropriate tactics that teach the dynamics of the game and develop smart soccer players.

The instructor/child ratio should be kept small in order to keep classes controllable and give more individual attention.  It has been proven that parents will pay for value and the perceived value of the class starts deteriorating as student/instructor go above a certain number. The Soccer Dynamo classes should be capped at an instructor to student ratio of 8 to 1.  One or two kids may be added only with very experienced instructors and only to accommodate unusual circumstances like a sibling or friend wanting to join a class.  Soccer Dynamic classes U8 & up will have a ratio cap of 12 to 1 students to instructors.

All of the classes will be coed.


The Lil Sport Soccer Dynamo and Soccer Dynamics customers are both the parents and the kids.  The kids must be satisfied to where they enjoyed their time in the class.  The ultimate goal is to have the kids to consider their Soccer Dynamo and Soccer Dynamics class “super awesome fun” and to look forward to it every week. 

The parent’s sense of value is broader than the child’s.  Their primary consideration is enjoyment level of their child.  However, parents also consider the physical development and exercise value the child is receiving, the safety and security of the facility and program, the convenience of the service in terms of location and class times, the level of service by the instructor and staff and the costs.


The goal of the Soccer Dynamo and Soccer Dynamics program is to deliver the things the parent are looking for which is progressive physical development and exercise while at the same time make the classes fun for the kids.

The curriculum is a series of activities that vary from semi-active, achievement exercises to games that produce dynamic competition.  Each course has a variety of activities that vary from week to week to keep things fresh as well as offer skill progression. The goal of each class is to have the kids grinning and tired by the conclusion of the 50-minute class.

From the Kid’s Perspective

The majority of the kids in the program don’t give a hoot about developing their physical skills.  They want to have fun.  The Soccer Dynamo curriculum is designed to give kids a series of fun games that challenge them to do basic skills using a variety of props with fun, non-competitive objectives.  Young kids will enjoy a game much better if they are concentrating on avoiding the “alligators” instead of “eluding the defender”.

The other aspect that the curriculum addresses is self-accomplishment.  By setting out a series of challenging yet doable tasks and acknowledging the small accomplishments the child develops a sense of achievement that adds to the positive experience.

The Soccer Dynamics curriculum includes games and activities are tied to the four components needed to be successful in the game. They will learn ball control techniques, simplified tactics that are easy to understand, their physical abilities will be challenged and the dynamics of working in groups will be tested.

From the Parent’s Perspective

The majority of parents will bring their own kids and then sit and watch the class. Like anything, they need to determine if the program is right for their child, and gives value for the costs.  The things that give value from a parent’s perspective are the following;

Physical Development and Exercise

Safety and Security





Coach Moe is a former NAIA & NCAA Division I College player. 

ADASL Division I player from the Atlanta area.

Henderson High School Most Valuable Defender Junior & Senior Year

Coaching Licence - USSF C & USSF Youth, GYSA D,E,F,G

Technical Director - Soccer Dynamics 

ATLANTA CUP CHAMPIONS - Atlanta Fire United Select Coach - Girls U19 Athena A

Atlanta Fire United Academy Coach - Boys U12 Elite & U12 Gold (10/11)

Atlanta Fire United Academy Coach - Boys U10 Silver & U11 Silver (09/10)

Atlanta Fire United Academy Coach - U12 Boys Gold & Silver (08/09)

Atlanta Fire United Academy/Select Coach - 95 Girls Gold (04/08)


18+ Years Coaching Experience ages 3-22



Coach Moe
Soccer Dynamo - 2006

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